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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving your search visibility  and obtaining high rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu,etc. It involves using a range of methods and strategies including optimising the content and structure of your website, regular audits and analysis of search keywords, continuous adaptations and improvements. 

Our SEO agency in Glasgow has years of industry experience both in frontline digital marketing and web development having worked on a number of popular brands. From E-commerce platforms to websites promoting your services, we have developed a well tested, proven approach to SEO guaranteeing increased search visibility and traffic to your web platform directly resulting in higher bottom-line revenue. 

Whatever your budget, we create a strategy to help you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Why choose us

There are obvious advantages to having a professional SEO agency like ourselves work on your SEO, compared to doing it in-house. Lower costs and investment is just one of them. Traditionally, the clients we’ve worked with have either

  • worked with another agency they are dissatisfied with
  • have managed their SEO in-house and decided using an agency is more cost effective and efficient
  • have neither the time nor resources to spare for their online marketing in-house and choose us

Our Approach - how we help you rank at the top

While there is no silver bullet to SEO, the core practices are common and well known. Like the old adage, we do the same things differently and better based on our access to comprehensive data and analytics from the tools we use, experience knowing where value lies and doesn’t, grabbing quick wins where we can, keeping the strategy focused and not spreading too thin, giving you the biggest bang for your buck. 

We don’t give you excuses, we believe in delivering results that matter. 

We utilise the best available tools in the market to gather data and analytics, not just for your website but about your competitors as well. Our data forms the backbone of a customised, well thought out SEO strategy to give you the edge. 

 The tools we use:

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On-Page SEO

Onpage SEO Graphic

On-Page SEO is the optimisation that can be done directly on the website. 

Our approach to On-Page SEO is driven by data from analysis and research into your niche. The key elements we focus on here are:


A website contains information about itself, called metadata. META tags are code elements in the webpage that describe what the page is about; information that search engines find useful. With proper keyword research, there are huge, quick gains to be had in optimising the metadata. If you were to right-click and view-page-source on this particular page, you will see that we have optimised the meta tags for the keywords SEO Glasgow and SEO Agency Glasgow.

Our approach to META Tags optimisation is, again, driven by our prior keyword research. It is vital we get the keywords we want to optimise for spot-on, which is why we leave no stone unturned lest we spend months barking up the wrong tree. 

Header Tags

There are six header tags that web pages use H1 to H6, H1 being the biggest and the others used for smaller headings and subheadings. We pay particular attention to header tag, where it is used, the order and the text as search engines use these to understand the content of a webpage. 

Internal Linking

The way search engines discover your website is by “crawling” though it, bit by bit. The more we link the pages in a way that is understandable to search engines, the easier we make it for them. Besides discoverability, we also lend other pages “equity” meaning we help them rank high as well. 

Impeccable Content Marketing

You have likely come across the term “Content is King”. Arguably, this is true as search engines not only “reward” web pages with high quality content, having a well written, detailed webpage gives us a large window of opportunity to optimise the website for the chosen keywords, explain structure to search engines, etc. 

We have an expert team of content copywriters who will not only create meaningful, informative, high quality content for the visitors but also optimise it for search engines. We take every opportunity we can at SEO. While this is a time consuming process, the rewards are well worth it. 

Image SEO

An often overlooked aspect of SEO, images are an integral part of content marketing and play an important role in SEO. The images on a web page have a description and ALT text field (intended for accessability, for example, text readers). We optimise each image with a precise description and ALT text, further stressing the keywords. 

Our Backlinking Strategy

Backlinks are a crucially important component of Off-Page SEO, arguably, THE most important. Also called link building, it can be a time consuming and tedious process.

Your clients are likely to surf the web doing their own research. Imagine a large part of their research leading back to your website. That is the scenario we aim to achieve. Backlinks from other popular, trustworthy sites to yours also give search engines a “certificate of quality”, further boosting your ranking. 

Our outreach to help your linkbuilding campaign will focus on, among other things, a comprehensive citation network with listings on directories, local listings and other related websites within your niche. 

Giving you an edge over your competitors

Our tools allow us to comprehensively analyse your competitors’ backlinking strategy, in addition to understanding your current network of backlinks. We would use this to give you an advantage, both in terms of quality and quantity. 

Paid Backlinking Campaigns

In addition to free citations, we will identity popular and trustworthy bloggers, influencers, social media, etc. within your niche to identify opportunities to promote sponsored backlinks to your website, keeping your budget in mind. 


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is optimising the parts of your website that isn’t readily apparent to the users, like the folder structure, sitemap, etc. 


At the site structure level, we optimise the website giving useful information for “searchbots” to understand, profile and navigate your website easier.


A simple text file that provides information to search engine crawlers about which parts of the website it can access and cannot. While the crawlers or searchbots can still navigate your website without this file, we will create one and optimise it so we have the ability to give precise and specific information, for example, if we want to exclude any administrative files or folders so the searchbots can cut through the noise. 


A sitemap allows us to inform the searchbots when web pages are updated and how they relate to other pages. For example, this page is one of the “Services” offered by DC Digital Media under “Digital Marketing & Content”, the others being “Paid Search (Pay per Click)” and “Social Media Marketing”

Mobile Readiness

With more users now on mobile devices and tablets than on desktop and laptop computers, serach engines lay an emphasis on websites built to be used on any device, regardless of the screen size. All our websites are built to be mobile ready. If your website wasn’t built by us, we do a thorough test for mobile readiness and suggest/carry out improvements where possible.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate activates a secure connection between the user and the website, lending credibility to the site both from a search engine’s prespective as well as a user’s. For any websites hosted by us, we provide an SSL certificate as part of the development cost. 

Let's talk

While we want your business, we don't believe in putting pressure on our clients to choose us. We know we're good and we let that speak for itself.

If your website address is provided, we will do a free audit including an analysis of your competitors so we can discuss free suggestions for improvement and how we can better your SEO, should you choose us.