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Experience Design

Designed for the user. Intuitive, engaging and .

 The usability of a website, application or any digital product is a key component in its success. Users have little tolerance for poorly stuctured applications that fail to capture their motivations or offer a poor user experience. 

Experience Design (XD) is an approach to designing interfaces, processes, products and strategies based on user experience, sentiments, motivations and culture. 

What we do

Our expertise in design goes far beyond our years of experience designing User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) in Glasgow. With over 15 years of industry experience in usability evaluation and testing and an in-depth knowledge of cutting edge cognitive architectures and tools based on them, our strategy for experience design focuses on the following:


We will work closely with you with an aim to understand the current process, the problems as well as your customers or users (the stakeholders). 


We have an obsession with usability. We follow a scenario based approach where we aim to capture real-world problems with the current process and come up with pragmatic solutions for them. Our problem solving stems very much from our love of the problem itself. 


Iteration is a key component of good design. We aim to create  and test prototypes to create better designs progressively.

Measurable Performance

Our analysis of design solutions consist of both an empirical analysis and formal usability assessments. 

UI/UX Design

Our design capabilities don’t just give you an advantage over your competitors, they help you create an interface that is truly user-centric, aesthetic and functional.

Our approach to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is rooted in a deep understanding of usability engineering and design skills, along with extensive testing to validate ideas and design approaches as well as research into identifying both the end users and the stakeholders as a whole. 

Customer Journey Mapping

We’re all aware of the adage “how I see myself and how others see me”. 

Customer Journey Mapping is an illustration of your brand, and how your customers interact with your brand or product, from the customer’s point of view. Based on an in-depth study of your customers, or users, we create personas and scenarios around them mapping out their journey, identifying areas that work well and more importantly, don’t work well thereby helping to maximise your touchpoints. 

Usability Analysis

It is a common misconception that the usability of a product is focussed on the user interface. While the interface is important, it is just one facet of the usability of a product. 

With every website or application we develop, we use a Scenario Based Design (SBD) approach, focussing on the problem as much as the solution. Starting with research into the users and stakeholders including developing user personas that help highlight problems or user motivations, we develop  further scenarios that progress towards a solution which eventually forms the basis of the functional requirements for the product. 

As we develop the website, or application, we continuously perform usability testing to validate the approach. 

Qualitative Usability Testing

This is an observational usability testing approach in which we observe typical users carrying out pre-defined tasks on the application. This allows us to test specific UI elements or functions, identifying pain points and what works well. 

Quantitative Usability Testing

This is an indirect assessment of usability, in which we aim to gather metrics like task completion rates, user satisfaction ratings, task completion times, etc. 

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