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The Blockchain - transform your business with a disruptive, fast evolving technology

As one of only a handful of professional development agencies with expertise in this niche and fast evolving technology, we pride ourselves in also being one of the first in the UK offering professional blockchain development services. Our blockchain capabilities are your competitive advantage. 

What is it?

A blockchain is a database, more commonly described as a “distributed ledger” used to store information. It is distributed because unlike traditional centralised storage mechanisms, the data is stored across mutiple locations called “blocks” which are interconnected. 

The distributed nature of blockchains enble a number of advantages for business applications, most notably in terms of security and cost efficiency. 

Smart Contracts Development

We develop bespoke smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain’s ERC20 token, working closely with our client businesses. 

What are they?

A smart contract is a piece of code stored on the blockchain that is self executing once a certain set of conditions are met. The conditions are obligations that the two parties on either side of the contract are required to fulfil. For example, a smart contract could be used to automatically execute a payment for goods upon receipt by the buyer. 


Smart Contract Development In Glasgow

Why they're better


Because both sides have access to the terms and conditions of a smart contract and neither has the ability to alter any of it at any point, smart contracts foster greater trust between the parties as every transaction is verified. 


Smart contracts come with the rock solid security of the blockchain, being completely tamper-proof. Because of this, they considered “immutable” since the terms and conditions of a smart contract once established never change. 

Cost Efficient

With no third party being involved like in traditional methods, smart contracts offer a significant reduction in costs for the businesses that employ them, for example, in cross border payments, property transactions, E-Marketplaces, etc. 

IoT Applications

We exploit the rock solid security of the blockchain to build  advanced Internet of Things (IoT) applications, providing seamless connectivity, data integrity and scalability.

The blockchain is widely being adopted to address the security concerns of interconnected devices, giving business a huge advantage. 


We combine our technical excellence in blockchain development along with emerging trends, prodiving insightful digital strategies to augment your current practices and reshape your business for the future, keeping up with the ever changing digital landscape. 

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